Andrea Miller made the sad announcement on behalf of the Rubinyi family that our long-time community member and neighbor, Jeannette Rubinyi, has passed away. Artist, poet, humanitarian, Jeannette and her musician husband, Benno, were among the original residents of Crestwood Hills.

In addition to her numerous other pursuits, including long-time service on the Election Board, Jeannette had a special fondness for Crestwood Hills Park, envisaged by the founders as the heart of the Crestwood Hills utopian experiment. The Rubinyi family has extended an invitation to the Crestwood Hills community to join them on Sunday, March 5th from 2 to 5pm in Crestwood Hills Park for a service honoring her memory. The family sees this "living memorial" both as a tribute to Jeannette as well as to the community in which all our families thrive—an affirmation of the therapeutic powers of music and the arts in a beautiful natural setting.

Please RSVP to Andrea by Monday, February 20, 2017 by email or by calling (310) 980-9979.

You can read more about Jeannette's legacy in the Los Angeles Times.