Cory Buckner to lecture on her latest book.

On Thursday, November 16th, Cory Buckner will lecture on her latest book, THE LYMAN HOUSE AND THE WORK OF FREDERIC P. LYMAN. Lyman was a modernist architect who not only made his mark on the profession, but also on Buckner's career: "I met Frederic Lyman in 1969—an event that would change my life and move my career in a direction towards architecture."

The Lyman House was the architect's signature project, an exquisitely designed and crafted home he built in Malibu, which has been compared to a Shinto shrine. The book captures the incredible details of the home's design and construction through an array of photographs and the architect's own original sketches. Also included is an extensive portfolio of Lyman's projects and renderings, many of which have never been published before. While Lyman saw very few of his commissions built, each is represented with beautifully rendered colored pencil perspectives—artworks unto themselves. Buckner writes, "In an era of digital rendering and mass production, Lyman's deep sensitivity to line, form, and color reminds us of the beauty of depth possible in the lost arts of hand rendering and fine craftsmanship."

Event Details
When: Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 6:45pm
Where: The Los Feliz Library, 1874 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027



Burial of Unsightly Power Lines, Effort 2.0

You may have noticed DWP trucks on Hanley and Deerbrook working on what the utility asserts are upgrades to the electrical distribution network in Crestwood Hills. The work—planned for the fire and hillside areas in our neighborhood—includes a significant increase to the height and girth of power poles as well as new aluminum power lines, conspicuous white transformers, cross arms and fuses. The new equipment towers over the old and is sure to significantly detract from the beauty of our community when implemented across all streets.

An Unexpected Opportunity

The scale of the new equipment and potential for negative impact, including safety concerns, has alarmed many members of the community and provided an opportunity to reinvigorate the debate over the value of burying the electrical and communications poles throughout Crestwood Hills. Previous attempts to bury the poles in the 1970s and in 2015–16 were abandoned due to cost concerns and a lack of majority interest. A 2016 homeowner survey showed the overwhelming majority of residents felt that the power lines were a public eyesore, but only a very small percentage were willing to invest financially in order to move the power lines underground. At the time the cost was preliminarily estimated at $3,500 per household per year for 10 years, which could be paid against property taxes.

A Push for Funds Redirection

The hope is the DWP will suspend the equipment upgrades currently underway when it receives a signed petition from the majority of homes in Crestwood Hills. By stopping the current expenditure of DWP funds, the community would then lobby to redirect those resources to an underground solution. The potential cost savings would benefit each household by reducing individual investment.

A First Step

The first step in the process is to sign the petition declaring your interest in working with the city and utilities to officially investigate the actual costs and logistics involved. Signing the petition simply indicates an interest in learning more. Residents will have a chance to vote ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ once actual costs are determined as a community vote is required by CHA bylaws to formally adapt the initiative.

As of the end of October, 102 signatures have been gathered. The Power Lines Committee must have a minimum of 175 households to be able to officially begin the process with the DWP.

Much to Gain

The natural beauty, safety, peace, tranquility and values of our historic oasis would be greatly enhanced by taking these systems underground. Download the petition, sign and send the form to Shel Brucker at

As committee member Shel Brucker writes, “We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Please give the future of Crestwood Hills your consideration and sign the underground petition today.

Editor's Note: This article first ran in the Fall 2017 issue of Views that was distributed to resident mailboxes at the beginning of October. It has been updated to reflect the latest number of signatures gathered.



CHA Block Party and Softball Game is back!


The 2017 CHA Block Party and Softball Game is on! The event will take place on Sunday, October 15th from 2–6pm in Crestwood Hills Park.

This year's event is extra special, because the food will be provided by our Crestwood Hills neighbor, Susan Feniger, through her famous restaurant, Border Grill. The Border Grill Truck will be on site with a host of delectable taco options, including citrus chicken, carnitas and sweet potato and black bean. The menu will be finished off with homemade tortilla chips and organic red rice and beans. There are options for everyone, including our vegan neighbors.

And along with the awesome Border Grill eats, we'll have a great selection of desserts to sample with our first ever Great Crestwood Hills "Bake Off." Treats are being donated by area businesses and residents and will be sold to raise money for hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. If you are interested in contributing bake sale items, please email us at

We're excited about the return of the famous Fall Classic Eastside vs. Westside Softball Game Matchup and that Greg Schultz, former board member and chief softball organizer, will be back to run the show. There will be FREE team t-shirts for anyone wishing to play softball—all ages and skill levels are welcome! Other activities will include a temporary tattoo booth featuring special Crestwood Hills temporary tattoos to mix and match. Whether or not you consider yourself a softball fan, there will be something for everyone!

Come show your community spirit and hang with your neighbors for an afternoon of food, fun and games in the hood. The event is free for all Crestwood Hills whose dues are up-to-date and $10 per guest.

Forgot to RSVP?
No problem. Just let us know you plan to attend by emailing with (1) number attending in your party, (2) the number of people in your party who are interested in playing softball, and (3) your residential address. And in case you've forgotten to pay your 2017 dues this year, don't worry. By all means swing by, pay your dues and join the fun!