We want to make the neighborhood aware of a community alert being put out by our local law enforcement.

Thank you to all who attended the Crestwood Hills Association Annual Meeting. Among many topics discussed were the concerns of increased crime in our community. Overall crime in our area remains low as clarified by the most recent Brentwood Homeowners Association newsletter, which can be read here. However, we are not without incidents and there has been an uptick of burglaries in a specific area of Brentwood. The following is a Community Alert we received from Officer Brian Espin of the West Los Angeles Community Police Station. While not quite in our area, the information is important and helpful.


Good evening everyone,
I am Officer Brian Espin acting Senior Lead Officer for the Brentwood Area while Maria Gray is out on leave. There is a significant increase in residential burglaries in a specific area within Brentwood. The area affected is Granville Ave East to Barrington Ave. San Vicente Bl North to Sunset Bl ( reporting district 827). Please be vigilant of your surroundings and keep your valuables locked and secured. Along the same note the Brentwood area is still a prime location for auto-related crimes, because of the high density of vehicles. Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicles. The trend we have seen are suspects entering car ports or garage/parking structures where they are hidden from the street. The suspects are looking for anything they think might have value. Even if it is an empty backpack in the back seat. To the suspect this could be a laptop or other valuable item. My contact info is on the attached alert PDF, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
> Community Alert Attachment

Brian Espin #37430
Senior Lead Office
West Los Angeles Community Police Station

P.S. Check in with your neighbors as I have attended a few start up neighborhood watch meetings. It is a great idea since you (the resident) know your surroundings and neighborhood the best.

NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
All other City Services: 311
Website: www.lapdonline.org


What you can do.
In addition to reviewing the information and safety tips shared by Officer Espin and the Brentwood Homeowners Association, neighbors have expressed interest in establishing a neighborhood watch—cited by Officer Espin as an excellent idea for community defense. If you are interested in being part of a Crestwood Hills Neighborhood Watch, please email hello@crestwoodhills.com.