Welcome Kit

Whether you are new to the area or have lived in Crestwood Hills for decades, you'll find helpful information in this downloadable PDF. You can also request a welcome kit to be delivered to a new neighbor or even a realtor! Just email us at welcome@crestwoodhills.com.

Crestwood Hills Welcome Kit

Architectural Guidelines

Residents may not build or alter without approval. Those who wish to alter the outside of their home need to submit plans to the architectural committee for their tract. Please review the Crestwood Hills Architectural Guidelines and CC&Rs to learn more.

Architectural Guidelines

Submission Form


Views Newsletter

The Views is published by the CHA with the goal of providing up-to-date information about what is happening in the neighborhood. Like other roles within the CHA, the creation, printing, and distribution of the Views is done on a completely volunteer basis. If you are interested in helping to create content for future issues, please email us at crestwoodla@gmail.com with Views in the subject line, or drop us a note at 986 Hanley Avenue. We hope to publish somewhat regularly, so keep an eye out for the distinctive blue paper in your mailbox.

Fall, 2015

Fall, 2017

Board Meetings and Minutes

As of May, 2017, the Crestwood Hills Association Board of Directors will meet bi-monthly — typically on the third Tuesday of the month, permitting a quorum is available (8 board members). Current dues-paying CHA members are always welcome to attend. Please RSVP to crestwoodla@gmail.com for location and confirmation. Additionally, you can contact us to request being placed on our Evite list for automated (and automatic) invites to board meetings.



The next board meeting is scheduled for 1/16/18. Please contact us for confirmation of time and place if you wish to attend.



January, 2017

February, 2017 (Meeting held 2/28/17)

March, 2017 (Meeting held 3/21/17)

Annual Meeting, 2017 (Meeting held 4/30/17)

May, 2017 (Meeting held 5/23/17)

(Meetings from May on are being held bi-monthly)

July, 2017 (Meeting was held 7/25/17)

September, 2017 (Meeting was held 9/19/17)

November, 2017 (Meeting was held 12/11/17)



January, 2016

February, 2016

March, 2016

(No board meeting in April due to Annual Meeting)

(No board meeting in May or June due to absence of a quorum)

July, 2016

(No board meeting in August due to absence of a quorum)

September, 2016  (Meeting held 10/4/16)

October, 2016

November, 2016 (Meeting held 12/6/16)

(No board meeting December 20 due to 70th Anniversary Holiday Open House and holiday schedule)


Board of Directors


Kyle Kozloff

Kate Blackman
Vice President

Robert Plotkowski

John Haley

Cory Buckner
Rob Fissmer
Lauri Gaffin
Bruce Kaplan
Barbara Levin
Javad Razani
Richard Rothstein