Photo by John Haley

You may have noticed clouds of smoke in the Santa Monica Mountains above our neighborhood. These are from a brush fire burning in Mandeville Canyon. The fire department has posted information about the fire, which you can read here. Local news reports that the fire is located near the 2900 block of Mandeville Canyon Road and that more than 100 firefighters, including our own Station 19, are on the scene working to extinguish the flames.

Update from Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department: 5/30/17
Update TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE #BrushFire; 7:52AM; 2969 N Mandeville Canyon Rd; #Brentwood; #MandevilleFire #Brentwood Firefighters continue their strenuous efforts to achieve full containment on this stubborn brush fire. The size remains at 55 acres and containment increased to 98%. This morning, new crews replaced those on scene throughout the night and will work for a full 12-hour operational period. This challenging fire is located in mostly rugged, remote terrain which has greatly impacted the ability of firefighters to safely traverse the land. The steep hillsides are often times letting loose with shale slides, putting the safety of firefighters at risk. Water dropping helicopters continue to play a key role to reduce the risk vs gain of firefighters being injured trying to navigate the terrain. As an example of the tremendous efforts by your firefighters, over 10,000 feet of fire hose line has been deployed around this fire. Each segment of hose is between 50 to 100 feet (depending on type) and has all been carried and put in place manually by firefighters. While Mandeville Canyon Road remains open to resident traffic, it is being controlled and we request no unnecessary vehicle traffic. Firefighting apparatus continue to line the roads, creating very tight conditions through the winding roads. Hose lines charged with water are also in place across some roads and traffic is being slowed to prevent damage. While the morning marine layer is assisting our efforts, by mid afternoon the heat is up and drives some of the smoldering areas. The LAFD is focused on gaining 100% containment by this evening and the next update will be after 6:00PM. There continue to be no reported injuries. No Further Details ; FS 19; Batt 9; #WestBureau; Council District 11; Margaret Stewart